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I'm siii~iiick. *mooo~ooann*

My throat is sore and I cannot stop coughing. ;-; Everyone needs to send me virtual versions of their favorite "get better" foods. I want to drown in virtual chicken soup, people. *coughcoughhack*

At least I do not have to go to work tomorrow. *weakly* Yay. ( ̄^ ̄) /

Oh, and a quick update on finals. I passed Chemistry with a 'B'. *does a dance...stops to cough some more* rofl

I managed to get a 80.-some number-! :D Which means I barely skated by with a 'B' but I do not care! ^___^ I passed with an average grade! Whoot! Thanks go to anguisel-senpai for being there when I needed a swat in the head. Also, thanks to Skye who would come into my room and tell me to stop looking at YouTube and start studying. Also, special thanks to my "peeps" in the chem lab who made my brain hurt less when they started cracking jokes or talking about all the types of food we all could have been eating if we were not stuck in lab at lunch time. Holla, bebes.

...All of the above? That, is Kiki on cold medicine. :D As you can all tell, Kiki on cold medicine enjoys talking about herself in the third person.

I am going to go make myself tea. And then lay down and cough up my lungs.
Tags: college, sick
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