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*huggles f-list*

It seems like it has been forever since I have talked to a lot of you! ;-; I miss you all! *huggles again*

Final exam season is here and it has been...bad. .__. I completed and sent in my Religion final "exam" today. The exam was actually a paper on a quote from Joseph Campbell that we had to expand on. I think I did...decently. ^^;; I am pretty sure I will pass the course. I just doubt I will do it with a grade higher than a 'C'. =/

I have been stressed about finals but I ended up being really happy today. Especially at work. I introduced Chibi Tay to the joy that is the song Strawberry Pie by Minimoni. XD We listened to it around 8 times in a row and danced around the room. X3 Tay had no clue about the Japanese parts but she did sing "Strawberry Pie" every single time by the fourth or fifth time we listened to the song...and on the sixth she finally sang the "for you" part. ^___^ She was so cute!

lol Her mother ended up walking in on us when she got home and cracked up laughing. She said it was a good idea and that she had never looked on Youtube before and that she may have to start looking around there for some stuff for Tay. I gave her warnings about the weird stuff she could find and that she should never click on anything to do with Spongebob, even though Tay loves that cartoon. o__o I have come across some very odd Spongebob vids on YouTube and I finally just gave up on looking for the "decent" ones so Tay could watch them. Now, I just stick to song clips from Disney movies, Dora the Explorer vids, and, of course, jrock and jpop. Although, I have to be a bit more careful with the jrock now that Tay can actively tell what is going on in the music videos. ^_____^; For that matter, I have to be careful with the jpop too. Those Johnny's Entertainment boys can get a little dirty. >.>;

Hmmm...what else. Oh, I am supposed to meet up with a friend from my math class to study for tomorrow's final. =/ She has not called me yet, though. Hopefully, she will as it will probably help us both in the long run.

Good, gracious, and violent deities, I just really want these final exams to be over with. ;__;

And you know what else I want? Some Yu Yu Hakusho icons. [/random]
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