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Another meme...

=> Post the questions in your journal, but answer them!
=> After that, tag 8 friends. If the friends don't do it, it means they don't give a shit about your entries and they aren't worthy to be on your f-list! :D Unless they got a good reason to not do it.
=> People who has already done the meme, if they are re-tagged, they don't have to do it again. They should inform the person who has tagged them again. (^.^)v

Tagged by kissme_deadly_x! XD

What would you say/do to the situation?

o1. If a man/woman approaches you asking for money, you have plenty of money, but you have some grocery shopping to do, you say?
"Sorry. I only have a little and I have to go buy groceries."

--Basically, I would lie. lol ^^; I have been taught since I was little to never give people that come up to me money. This is due to the fact that where I live most people spend that money on drugs or alcohol and none of it goes to their true needs.

o2. You are walking down the street, you see someone who looks extremely familiar and approach them, turns out that the person was someone whom you never even knew, you say?
"I'm so sorry! *laugh* You look a lot like a friend of mine. Really sorry to bother you. *smile*"

o3. The situation switches around, someone comes up to you saying,"Hey, it's been a long time! How are you?". You say?
"Hi! I am sorry but I do not recognize you. *laugh* My memory has gotten bad in my old age. *grin* Do I know you from [wherever]?"

--Because I do have a bad memory I use the "my memory has gotten bad in my old age" line a lot. XD;

o4. You find a 20$ bill on the sidewalk, you pick it up, and some stranger comes up to you and says that it was their's, you say/do?
"Oh, here you go!"

o5. You accidently hit your friend with your car, she tells you she hates you and never want to talk to you again! You say?
" serious? *shock* It was an accident and now you hate me? *tears up* I just...I do not know what to say to you right now."

--That would be exactly what would happen if I was even able to speak if a friend said they hated me over an accident.

o6. You are walking in the city of Osaka, Japan, you notice your favorite JROCK band, you say/do?
I'd freak out and follow them for a bit to make sure I was not hallucinating. When it completely sank in that they were my fav. jrock band I'd snap a few pictures with my cell phone and then probably watch them until they walked away. (I am not the type of person to walk up and bug people...famous or not. lol Apparently, I am just a stalker! XDD)

o7. The band, instead, approaches you, they ask for directions to a nearby store, but you have no idea because you are just a tourist, you say?
"Oh, *laugh* I am just a tourist. In fact, I was looking around for a store to shop in, maybe we can find the store together?"

--I am so devious. XD And I could probably pull that off because I am a good at coming up with lies on the spot. rofl!

Tagging: (And no you do not have to do this if you do not want too. ^^)
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