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Another hectic beginning of the week. ._.

I wrote and typed a 3 page essay on the character Ophelia from Hamlet, Prince of Denmark earlier this afternoon. It is due tomorrow. :D Procrastination ftw! (^-^)v

Tomorrow I need to write a research paper for Chemistry. (More procrastination! Yay~) And I also need to study for my chemistry test. The tests always seem to come too quickly. =/

At least I do not have to go to work. But that is kind of bad because my little chibis are both sick. ;-; I'll be making up the work, though, because on Saturday my boss is going to go out with a friend after work for an afternoon of shopping. So, not only will I be watching my two little chibis from 7 a.m. to whenever I will also have a little boy!chibi to take care of too. He is the son of my boss's friend and I've looked after him before. He is a hyperactive little sweetheart. ^___^

Eh. I am going to go check my f-list or download teh pr0n or something.

Tags: college, work
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