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Icon Meme!

1. Comment to this post and I will pick 5 icons from your userpics that you have to explain.
2. Post the explanations in your own journal and you get to pick someone else's userpics! :D

scwolf_10k picked 5 icons for me! XD And made me think about eating frog. o.o

by wicked_visions
1. Well, I am a fan of Slytherin house (Mostly because I think they are misunderstood and need hugs. :D) so I needed a Slytherin icon. XD

2. This icon is for those lovely days where I am feeling awesome that the only things in my way are the people who can shoot me/lock me up and those stupid laws that govern all the universe and junk. XP

by _wc2k_icons
I got this icon right after SixApart sold LiveJournal to the Russian, SUP. =) I figured the major change deserved an icon. ;D

by everyline (Mine, so no stealings, kay? :D)
I requested this at everyline's graphics community right after my like of alice nine. turned into love. Tora was my favorite at the time; I still like him now but I am more focused on Saga's hair. XD

by unknownglow
I needed more Kyo icons so who better to go to than ramsara? :D I especially like this one because it has a close up of 'No Future'. ^^

by pink_cosmos
I needed a Valentine's Day icon and I needed one that fit every emotion you could have about V-Day (for myself and for the people who would see this icon). The hearts for like, the skulls and crossbones for dislike, and if you look at the icon as a whole it is not so annoying, so for those that ignore V-day I am not throwing an "WAO SPARKLIEZZ" icon in their faces. :D (Yes, I over think everything. 8D)

Now, comment so I can pick icons for you! (^o^)/
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