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Meme tiemz! :D

I was tagged by x_makeawish_x to do this lovely meme. Thank you for tagging me because this is no hardship whatsoever. XDDD

01. Compose a list of YOUR top ten sexiest famous men.
02. Collect one picture of each guy on your list.
03. Post them in your journal.
04. Tag five people to do the same


Kyo of Dir en grey. The first jrocker to ever make me stop and just stare in awe at the way he performed in lives. Plus, the man has a killer body. :DD


Sho of the film company Coat West. Um, he's a porn star...a gay porn star. (He may have been in some straight stuff...I wouldn't know. *grin*) He's hot though...and one of the most dorky people I have ever seen. XDD *luvs*

Cute-ness! :D


Tora of alice nine. Gorgeous body, great smile, and he makes me want to give him hugs. ^^ He needs to update his blog more! >_<


Miyavi. His body is just an added bonus to his personality. ^___^ I like crazy hyper people. And I adore his long hair! <33


Ruki of the GazettE. Gotta love his pouty lips and his pretty eyes. :3 The licking of microphones is a perk, as well. ^.~ Oh, and his new hair is awesome. *o*


Aoi of the GazettE. I am obsessed with this man's stomach. o.o All those tempting little teases when his shirt rises up a bit...*sigh*


The oh, so wonderful Maru of Kanjani8! :D I adore his hair (I have got such a hair fetish! >_<) and the way he grins. ^__^


Saga of alice nine. And again we go back to hair. For some reason, I have started liking Saga more now that I have seen his hairstyle for MIRRORBALL. His lips are nice too, though. :D


Nishkido Ryo of Kanjani8/NEWS. His body is incredible, he has a gorgeous voice, and his smile is so sweet! ^___^

Added sexy for you enjoyment! :D


Shinya of Dir en grey. My poor Shinya got last place. ;-; (Eh, these weren't in order anyway. XP) The second jrocker to ever make me smile and sigh at how lovely he looked in women's clothing. (The first was Mana for those of you who are curious. ^^) I also love Shinya's love for his animals. <3 *awww*

More recent picture! :D

I have seen this meme and other variations of it floating around on my f-list for a while now, so I have forgotten who has done something like this before. ._. So~ I tag those of you who either feel like doing this or haven't done a version of this meme yet. :D
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