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;-; Spring Break is almost over...

*sigh* Which means that I have to go back to school tomorrow. I hope I have not forgotten too much. ._.

Finals are close and my Religion class is starting to make me panic. I found out last class that our final has some big essay question on it worth a lot of points. o.o I really hope everything starts making sense and our teacher gets his shit together and realizes that he is actually a teacher. I do not want to not pass a class because some idiot has not realized that his teaching skills suck. *frustrated sigh* I just hope I can keep my B in this class until the final; that way I will have one letter grade as a cushion. (C's are passing grades)

Early registration is tomorrow. Yay for getting to navigate my college's online registration system. Whoo~ [/sarcasm] I am now checking my school's schedules to try and figure out my classes. @_@ Dude, this is practically math!

I am going to be posting a blog crew I made soon. ^^ Just a heads up to those of you on my f-list who like them. I will try to leave it up for at least a little while so you guys can get a special place in line. <3
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