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Spring Break!

Spring Break has started for me! :D And guess where I am?


Although, it is not like I am on the beaches of Miami or anything. lol I am visiting my grandmother with my family. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer (she has been smoking since she was 16). Everyone is hopeful and supportive right now, though. We are going to help her organize her house and then tomorrow we are going to go out and do some shopping or maybe visit an aquarium or something. ^^

I haven't checked my f-page yet so I do not know how the Livejournal Content Strike is effecting everyone. =/ Obviously, I am not participating. I have icon contests that I have to post for tonight (voting and new challenges go up tonight) and I also do not see the point in it. But I wish the rest of you that are particpating the best of luck in accomplishing your goal. =)

If anyone on my f-list is participating in the strike but still wants to "comment" on this entry or just talk about random stuff my email is: ButterflyJ123[at]aol[dot]com

Feel free to bug me. ;D
Tags: holidays, lj drama
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