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Ow. *whimper*

My arm hurts. ;-;

I had to get blood drawn and tested today. >_<

Due to a transition from a stupid doctor who was stupid to a yay doctor who is yay, I have not had blood drawn in oh, six or seven months? Yeah...Somewhere around there. Since I have not had blood drawn in that long I thought my deep, rolling, SMALL veins would be fresh and ready to go. Were they? NO! D< They were deep and they kept "running away" and the nurse/lab tech/whoever used a fucking huge needle and I am so pissed at myself for not telling her to use a butterfly needle. Arrgh.

I go back in 3 months. When I do, they will use a butterfly needle and my arm will NOT have a big bruise from some crazy lady digging around IN MY ARM while digging around IN A DRAWER FOR ANOTHER BLOOD COLLECTION TUBE!

*deep breath* Sorry for all the caps. I just have previous issues with hospital staff. ^^;;

I am going to go check up on my f-page and watch reruns of the Daily Show. :D
Tags: teh sick
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