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Grade update...

I got my English poetry test grade. It was an A! (^-^)/ Now all I have to do is bite my nails and wait until I get my poetry essay grade. ._.

I also got my Religion test grade earlier tonight. It was originally a 72 (a C! *cries*) but my teacher gave us 32 extra points each which ended up raising my test grade to a...104. So, now I have an A on the test. I am really happy about that, but it was just...a really strange occurrence. I think the only reason he gave us the points is because we all (there are around 11 people in my class) did poorly on the first test AND this test. If we did not get the extra points on this test we would all need to make really, really good grades on the next test and then the final just to pass the course. o.o

I do not know why I am not grasping this Religion course. It could be because it only meets once a week and I need more lecture time or something. =/ Or the concepts are just...too difficult. Or should I say the wording of the concepts. *rolls eyes* I swear, my Chemistry book is probably easier to read than my Religion book.

Alright, so that leaves two more test grades that I should get sometime this week and then post about. The essay grade and my math test grade. =) You know, I think I have put too much college stuff in my journal recently. =/ Tomorrow I may have to find a meme to spam you all with or someone could leave me a link to one I have not done, y/n? XP rofl

Good night, lovelies!
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