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This week is kicking. my. ass.

I had a religion test on Monday. (I think I did okay on it.)

I had a Poetry test in English today. (I think I did okay on it.)

I have got a Chemistry test tomorrow. (anguisel-senpai!! *flails*)

Thursday I was supposed to have a math test but my teacher turned into a saint. I do not lie. Let me explain: Because the class is around two days behind the syllabus right now she is giving us a TAKE. HOME. TEST. ヾ( ´ー`) I nearly stood up in class and danced. :D Not really but that would have been cool, yes? XD;

My brain feels like it is going to melt. I studied Sunday and Monday for Religion (Praying to multiple deities to help me out. ^.~) and then after class got out I studied for the Poetry test that I took today. And now I am about to overload my brain on Chemistry. ._.

To x_makeawish_x: Gomen nasai~! I have started your icons and have over 20 made but I still need to make more. I probably won't be able to finish them tonight (Chemistry and all ^^;) but I should be able to get them made and posted tomorrow. And if not tomorrow then definitely Thursday. o(^-^)o Just letting you know that I have not forgotten about you and that I am working on them! <3

Another post will probably be made soon with some more personal stuff that I do not need to think about with all these tests happening.
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