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I be alive...

Just a post with a few updates to prove I am alive. XD;

I have been really busy with school. *sigh* Life has just felt so incredibly hectic. Plus, I got sick over the weekend. -.- I feel much better now but I am still taking medicine for nasal congestion. =/

I am feeling "lighter" since I finished my second English essay this afternoon. :D I think I did very well and as far as I can tell, this paper is better than my last one so it should hopefully receive a better grade than the last one did.

Skye-chan's laptop got infected by a virus. o.o She woke me up from a nap to have me try and fix it. I was not exactly happy about that...hehe...But I just kept reminding myself how upset I would be if my laptop completely freaked out like hers did. *huggles lappie* Do not ever die, my love! *flail*

Anyway...The freak out from the virus happened yesterday and since I could not fix her laptop (and also because the thing is so old that it is not worth taking somewhere to be de-virused) Skye bought a new one today! XDD She ended up getting a good discount because Best Buy did not have any more of the laptop in stock and they did not plan on carrying the type anymore so she ended up having to get the display model. So, now I am about to put anti virus software on her laptop and also go through and delete the crap programs that the manufacture put on there.

...The end! :D
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