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Today has been a "Yay~!" day! XD

I got my grade for my Chem test. I made an A. XDD *glomps anguisel-senpai* XP

I got my grade for my math test. I made an A. XDD

I got my grades for my English essay and English test. I made an A on the fiction test and a C on the essay. I knew the essay was going to get a lower grade though. The first half was just...sloppy on my part. But I will do better on the next one! :D Hopefully. I also knew that I had done well on my English test but I had no idea I would make a 100. ^____^ My teacher even pointed out on the essay portion of the test that I had made a very good point. lol That just made me all giddy. =P

So, currently I have got an average of A in Spanish, A in Math, B in English, B in Chemistry, and C in Religion. And I am hoping that I will do better in Religion now that I know that my teacher lies to us about what the test is going to be on. -.-

Now, to just keep doing well in my classes! :D
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