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College and its stupid tests...

Ok, so I got a letter grade of C or D on my religion test. I am not completely sure because the teacher had an issue with one of the essay questions being wrong so he said we should add back the points we lost on the question. What I do not understand is whether it counts for me since there were two questions to choose from and I chose the one that did not have the issue in it. @_@ Yeah...that is kind of confusing. Point is I got a C or D on the test. Both kind of suck. I am not too worried, though, because I missed the class before the test. Which meant I was not informed that vocabulary would be included so I lost most of the points in trying to define words that I did not know. ^^; But my essays did not lose that many points. =) So, I am pretty sure I will do much better on the next test.

My math test is coming up on Thursday. -_- I definitely need to study. =/

I had an English test today on fiction. I am proud of what I did...So, if I get a lower grade than a B on that test I am going to be so pissed.

I do not think I will ever take five classes again.

I am gonna go read some Harry Potter fanfiction.
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