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This will be quick because I am tired and I am going to go take a nap in a second. ^_^

1. Some idiot almost crashed into my car this morning when he tried to get into my lane. He was in the process of almost missing the main turn into my college (I drive pass it and use one of the side entrances) so he, apparently, panics and tries to make it over into the turn lane. Problem? My CAR is in the way. -.-; Idiot. And not only that, but the turn lane already had around 10 cars in it. So, even if my car was not in the way he still would not have been able to get over. Fucking idiot.

2. My chemistry lab partner did not show up today. It was actually a good thing, though. She is a nice person but is not very smart. ^^; I would have been in lab another 20 to 30 minutes if she had been there. But since she was not, I got out early! :D

3. I get to babysit my girls tonight. :DD I haven't seen them in a while. Unfortunately, since I have a Spanish test tomorrow, a good bit of my time will be spent studying instead of playing, coloring, or looking up jrock vids on YouTube. (Chibi Tay likes the jrock vids. XD I don't let her watch the more graphic ones though. ._. lmao)

4. And that's it. I am going to take my nap. After only four hours of sleep last night I deserve it. ^^
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