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Meme! :D

Seven secrets meme; tagged by scwolf_10k
a. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
b. Tag 7 people to do the same.
c. No tag backs or "whoever wants to do this, do this" tags.

1. I bite my nails like you would not believe. They are little nubs. x.x

2. I prefer to drink out of straws.

3. I shake when I am nervous. XD;

4. I "zone out" a lot. I lose focus and just daydream or think about more important things. This happens a lot when I am talking to someone who I do not want to listen to. ^^;

5. I collect postcards.

6. I adore plushies and stuffed animals. There are five in my line of sight right now. (Ichigo from Bleach, Aizawa Mint from Tokyo Mew Mew, Chopper from One Piece, Lain from Serial Experiments Lain & Grumpy Bear.)

7. Recently, I have been talking to my online friends more than my real life friends.

Tagging: anguisel, melinen, ramsara, nightand_day, sadisticplay, wickedly_evil, x_makeawish_x.

My Valentinr - kiki_goth_kitsune
Tags: meme
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