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So, I got my grades back on my exams that I took yesterday. I did "Yay!" in Spanish and "Oh, crap." in Chemistry. I got a D. -.- Ugh.

This was just my first test and, generally, you always use the first test as an example of what the teacher looks for, what kind of problems they put on it, how they grade, etc. So, I am not panicking. Too much. >.> I just want to pass this course. Preferably with an 'A' but I'd settle for a 'B'. And if I really had to, I would take a 'C'. It is still a passing grade. =/

I decided that since I was already in a crappy mood that I would call the adviser office and see if I could get someone to help figure out which maths I need. I got in contact with a very nice woman who was WAY better than my old adviser, thank goodness. She told me which maths I need and then said that since I was behind in math that I should come in and she would go over each of my semesters with me and we would figure out which classes I will take for each semester. ^^ I told her that would be great and so I'll be calling her back soon to make an appointment. So, my day got a bit better.

Then my day got even better when Skye-chan, Mom and I goofed off and acted silly for a little while. We stood in the kitchen and spied on our neighbors for about 20 minutes. XDD rofl And then we broke one of those BIC Wite-Out Correction Tape things. We tried to fix it and then Mom just gave up and pulled out the strand of white-out stuff. ^__^ That was nice.

And another mini-rant. That actually isn't so rant-y as I am too tired to care right now. lol

An icon maker that I do not know (i.e. Is not one of the icon makers I talk to regularly) and who I have never really heard of (i.e. Is not one of the icon makers who I see posting great graphics often) made a post and made one of their rules *cough* "Do not ask for originals". o.o

Is it just me or is that rude? If I notice that you have made a lovely, or even not so lovely, graphic out of a nice image why can't I have the original? The graphics this person made were nice (not on the level of the insanely good graphics makers out there but not as bad as newbies or anything. ^^;) but they still seem like a new graphics maker so I do not think they have been attacked with image requests. And even the most popular (according to their member count) of icon makers get a lot of requests for original images and do not seem to mind giving the images to the people who ask.

Plus, what is really bad is that I want the originals to a few of them. x_x lmao That could either be because I was told I couldn't ask the maker for them and now my brain is all "You neeee~eed that original image. You just neeee~eed it!" or maybe I actually like the images. XP Two I definitely know I want. They make me smile. =)
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