Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Snow be melting...;_;

All the snow has pretty much melted away. ;_; There are only a few patches left. *sniffles*

But the snow (and ice rain/sleet) has done its duty to me so it may go in peace. XDD I did not have to go to school today because the roads were too bad. :D Which means that:

1. I got to sleep in. That was sooo nice.
2. I get to have a 5 day weekend! ^_____^ Yay~

Which gives me plenty of time to do stuff, watch anime, and be lazy! :D

Actually, I think I might just go watch me some Sailor Moon. Maybe one of the movies as I do not want to get caught up in episodes of a multi-season anime at 9:30 at night. ^^;
Tags: life, weather
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