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Well, Tora finally manages to update his blog. It's sad that he only did it because of a horrible situation. =/ Get well, Tora-san! Your fans are sending you a lot of get well wishes and energy so I doubt it will take you too long! <3

(For those of you with no clue what I am talking about read the last 5 or so entries, here.)

I have been really lazy this weekend. Argh. I still have homework and things to read for classes that I have put off until today. I will manage to complete them as there isn't too much to be done and it is only 3:00 in the afternoon. No reason to run around panicking quite yet. ^^

I am just getting around to listening to Kagrra's new CD, Core. ^^; And when I say I am just getting around to it, I mean I am listening to track one (Irodori no sanka) for the first time as I am typing this. But so far I am loving this song. XDD; I am pretty sure I will develop a love for Kaggra based just on Isshi's voice. ^^

A popular icontest for the anime Naruto, naruto_awards, almost closed a few days ago. The mod couldn't manage it anymore and since I love the icontest and, of course, do not already have enough icontests to manage (a little sarcasm for your enjoyment, everyone) decided I would offer my services. So, everyone say hello to the new maintainer of naruto_awards. *waves then facepalms* rofl The facepalm was because I just started my classes and have been slightly worried about managing my time. But if I was so worried I really wouldn't have taken over an icontest with 350+ members all on my own, now would I? Well, at least this proves that my subconscious does have some sense. (^o^)/

And back to Core. Here is a quick overview of the songs, tearsxinxflames. XD Of course, these are all my opinions and your's could, of course, be different.

1 (Irodori no sanka) Starts very nice...I like Isshi's voice in this one. A good bit of traditional instruments in it, of course.
2 (Ujou) Nice beat with some type of older style. Damn, I cannot think of the style it reminds me of, though.
3 (Shigatsu tsuitachi) Kind of pop. Still nice, though.
4 (Guilty) Pretty rock-ish. The beat is ok, Isshi's singing is good...but I just don't like it. =/
5 (Boukyaku no hate no kogoeta kodoku) is good...I like the guitar rift two and half minutes in. ^^
6 (Sai) begins lovely. It made me grin. ^^; It's got what I believe to be a signature Kagrra sound about it. (Traditional instruments are very present.)
7 (Kaze no kioku) is a softer song with some rock thrown in. ^^ Very nice.
8 (Kamikaze) has Isshi singing quickly. With the beat it works very well.
9 (Yuki koi uta) Starts off with Isshi singing sweetly, as I would term it. This one is ok...
10 (Shin hyakkiyakou) Different from every other song on the album. Isshi's singing sounds a little different and I don't think any of the other songs had a beat quite like this one. I really enjoyed this one.

Overall: Very nice. ^__^ I will definitely look into buying this. *sighs* Looks like it is going on the list of CDs I still need to buy. XD;
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