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Pretty new journal for 2008! ^^

So, I have changed my layout and userinfo! ^_____^

The layout is from jrockxstar. I know some of my f-list has had to have seen the layouts they have been posting in various comms. lol There has been probably around 10 in the last few days. I changed the header and background color of the one I took because I didn't like either of them. >.> Nothing bad about them, they just didn't suit my tastes. =)

My userinfo looks awesome. *_* I keep going and looking at it! o(^-^)o All those pretty graphics...and those daisies that match my default icon! ^_^ *hugs nightand_day* I am so glad you decided to make me those as presents! XDD

Today was a pretty hectic day.

-I found out where all my classes are located...Amazingly enough, three are remarkably close to each other. I cheered in the hallway. ^^; Thank goodness there weren't that many people around. ._.

-I met up with my friends...They ended up needing to talk to me about religious things. At least no one was pregnant! ^^

-Sassin ate his rat very quickly and did not get stupid and bite his own tail! =) He is lounging on his log right now. <3

-I went with Skye-chan to get groceries. We bought some cheese dip and tortilla chips as a treat. <3

I think I am getting a cold. Right before school starts. -.- My throat is sore, I have gone through a little travel pack of tissues, and I keep sneezing.

To my body -slash- immune system: I am not your friend right now.

And now I am going to go make myself some more tea. At 2:30 am.

P.S. To my body -slash- immune system: Seriously. So not your friend.
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