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First post of '08!

I just realized I have yet to make a post in the year of 2008! o.o So, here I am! =D

I am going to be changing my layout soon...once I decide on which layout I want. =/ I have found a few and I like them all but none of them jump out at me. Eh. And I will also change my user info and put all the pretty gifts nightand_day made me in it! XDD

Skye and I cleaned the house today. Which is not fun when you have cramps. It also is not fun when someone forgets to sweep the kitchen floor and then does not tell me until I am mopping said kitchen floor. -.-

I have got a list of things to do tomorrow. I need to go to my school and find where all my classes are located so I will not be wandering down random hallways on Monday. Then I need to get a rat for Sassin and then feed him, go meet up with friends who have something to talk to me about but they won't tell me through email or IM because "it has to be in person" (nobody better be pregnant >_<), and then go get groceries.

And that is my first post of '08. ^___^
Tags: real life
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