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Christmas Tree Picspam!

Finally, the tree has been put up! ^____^ I was worried we would wait until it was too late but now we can enjoy having it up a week before Christmas! *vague sarcasm* XP

I decided to document Skye's and my steps in decorating the tree so...

The tree with only some golden garland around it and the star at the top.

The tree with the ornaments put on! :D

The tree with the candy canes added on. =) I was eating one of them while I put the rest on. XD

The tree lit up. ^___^

And the full effect! Look at all those presents. *_* Most are from my grandmother...and for my mother. She has alread got so much stuff under the tree! ._.

And extra pictures! =D

Some cartoon ornaments. ^^ Skye and I jumped for our favorites...She called Tweety, Alvin, Theodore, and Simon and I called Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Marvin Martian. =D

Marvin up close because I adore him. X3

Two popsicle ornaments Skye and I made in...girl scouts, maybe? Or it could've been art class in elementary school. *shrugs* It was when we were younger. XD;

And to finish...Mine and Skye's stockings! ^___^ Can you guess which one is mine? I'll give you a hint: I am going to see the movie Sweeney Todd on Christmas Day because I love Tim Burton beyond all reason. XP

The End!
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