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What the hell was I thinking when I decided to do a Twelve Days of Christmas graphics challenge? It is day three and I want to shoot myself. >_<

I have got most of the days planned out but there is just so much to make. ._. I might just take the easy way out and on a few days just do, like, 3 Friends Only banners and 5 icons or something. >.>; Today is Cinema Bizarre and that has been fun because I do so love all that pretty. ^^ But I have been making icons since 10 this morning and I am still not done. *sigh*

The cat is being weird and is messing with stuff on my dresser. And now she is sitting at the edge of my bad watching the doorway. o.O

Packages have been arriving! XDD It is the Christmas presents I ordered for myself online...with my mother's money. XP Skye's are arriving, too but the big difference between us is that she is to impatient to wait so Mom has to hide her presents in the closet. *snickers*

I am mailing off the stuff for the gift meme on Monday. anguisel, you will probably get your gift by the end of the week and scwolf_10k, you may get yours after Christmas Day according to my mother. ^^;

I think I am going to go make myself some lunch. And then after I eat go make more icons.
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