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Random thoughts...XP

I feel like chattering today! ^_^ So, be warned and wary of random topic switches and a lot of babbling. XD

First things first...The other day I bought Queen's Greatest Hits and Skye-chan (My younger sister) bought Journey's Greatest Hits. We are both such oldies lovers. XP I've been listening to both CDs in between Dir en grey. lol

It amuses me because Journey is all about the love ballads and I've never been one for them. =/ But for some reason I'm really liking them and Skye, of course, adores them. They were also our Mother's favorite band when she was in her teens so I had to make her a copy for her car. ^_^

And next subject...hehe I bought PaintShop Pro (PSP) 8 on eBay yesterday and it was shipped today according to the email I read a few minutes ago! XD I'm ecstatic that I'll have the chance to learn how to make my own icons! Although that won't stop me from going around and loving all the other icons I find...(Plus it will take me forever to make icons that look anything like what other people make.)

I'll hopefully learn how to use PSP 8 quickly enough so I can get started on making horrible icons. ^_^ Which I then shall post here on my LJ so people can enjoy them! I'll need to find a good icon table though...O.o Which I have no idea how to do. *shrugs* I suppose that is what search engines are for. XP

I plan on doing a ton of J-Rock, anime and stargate icons. Because I love all of those things, of course. ^_^ And my goal is to be good enough to eventually take requests and not have someone go "Oookk...So, I never should have asked her to do this. -_-" It's good to have goals, you know. lol

Oh, and speaking of J-Rock...Kaoru and Toshiya (of Dir en grey) were on Fuse TV on February 27th! ^_^ The interview was done by Steven of Steven's Untitled Rock Show. The questions were pretty standard and a lot of it was stuff fans already knew and..well, the interview was pretty pointless. -_- BUT, Dir en grey got TV time here in America so that is a very big deal. XD

Kaoru did most of the talking (Leader-sama! *squee*) and Toshiya only answered one question. hehe But they both looked sexy! But that is a given. XP

Anyways, linkies are here: Part One & Part Two

Go check them out because...Well, sexy Japanese boys sitting on a couch...speaking Japanese!! (Yes, I am insane and am a complete Dir en grey fangirl. You now know this...Standard fangirl warnings do apply.)

Ok, well I am going to end this now. Yes, I do have more to talk about, I always do, but I have a Friends page to go through and a MySpace to check. I'll probably make another post tonight as I do have something else I want to talk (type?) about. hehe ^_^

Ja Ne for now everyone.

Leave comments as I thrive off of them! No, really. I am a space alien who needs comments to survive.

P.S. I have found the joy of strike-through text. XD Be afraid, people.
Tags: rambling, real life
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