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^_____^ I am beyond happy. Especially, since I think I did pretty well on today's finals. Well, I think I did well on my math final and I know I did well on my Computer final. I got a 98. (≧∇≦)/

I also got the grade for my final for History today. I made an 80. =/ My lowest test score yet...But that makes my grade point average for that class a 92.5 which is still in the A range! o(^-^)o That means I have gotten A's in two classes and now all I have to do is wait for the grades from the other two. *impatient*

My math teacher referred me to the Honors Society at my school so I need to fill out an application and schedule a meeting with the director. ^__^

*sighs happily* Life is going good. I do not even care if it all goes to Hel during the Winter Holidays because I am happy now. X3

Good luck to all of you going through finals or who have finals coming up! =D I am now going to go check my f-list then lounge around and just exist without worries!
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