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Mostly Finals related but a little Holiday thrown in too.

Finals are next week. o.o Tomorrow I need to start re-writing my history notes so I will be able to understand them when I need to study for the last test in that class which doubles as our final exam.

Monday morning I am going to skip computer class, if there is supposed to be one. o.O Our teacher never did say if class was going to be meeting that day or not so I am just going to sleep in. =)

Monday afternoon I am going to go to my History class review...or, at least I hope I am. ._. I really should but I do love to just..not do stuff. XD; But I probably will go just because the teacher seems to appreciate us going out of our way for something. I do not think she is overly biased towards those that ask meaningful questions, send work in early to be checked by her, or, in this case, show up to an optional review class. But I do believe it sticks in her mind and she appreciates it so is more inclined to be nicer. ^^ Did any of that make sense?

Tuesday morning I will go to my English final. Which will be an in-class essay. o.o *deep breath* I am so nervous about this final. The only good thing about it is that it is my first final so I can get it over and done with quickly.

Wednesday is my History final which is on the last few chapters in our book. I have no huge worries about this exam. Yay. =)

Thursday I have two finals. At 7:30 a.m. (Arrgh! >_<) I have my Math final. After that I have my Computer final. I am sort of worried about both of these. Although, I am more worried about the math one than the Computer one. *sigh* Hopefully, all will go well and this semester will finally be over with me making all A's in my classes. But I would be content with a B or 2 if it came to that. ^^

Onto the Holiday part of this post. XDD Yesterday I figured out all the things I wanted for Christmas and how much it cost. My mother has given me a limit on how much of her money I can spend on myself. I found a few great things I wanted. =D Problem? I forgot about a few things I wanted. -_-; So, I have reached the limit on the things Mother will pay for. And I do not want to return anything. =/ But my stock of Asian candy and snacks are running low and I want Dozing Green (yes, I forgot about it! >_< Kyo needs to come kill me in my sleep!) and Cinema Bizarre's Final Attraction, damn it. But to get all that stuff I would have to spend my own money which is non-existent what with it being low in the first place and then buying gifts for friends. *frustrated sigh* Right now I am just hoping that my Grandparents decided to send money this year...or that I can be really wonderful to my mother in the next week and ask her to add, $40 more to her limit. That would make my December. ^___^

I have seen a lot of people doing "Christmas Calendar" type posts. You know, making special posts with graphics/stories/picspam/downloads/etcetera for their friends list in honor of the Holidays. =) I am thinking of doing a Twelve Days of Christmas (or Twelve Days of December if I decide to be PC. XP) on my graphics journal with maybe a few posts containing PVs or songs. ^^ I think it is a great idea but Skye-chan thinks I can not do it. >_< She is kind of right though. >.> I am huge on procrastination but then I thought if I even made just 5 icons that would still be a nice gesture for the people nice enough to friend my graphics journal, so why not? So, anyways, be on the lookout for that at g_b_icons. I will make a post announcing it on the 14th or the day before...and then post the first day of graphics/whatever on the 14th. =)

Hmmm. Anything else? *ponders* ...I want some pomegranate, and that is about it. Ja! <3
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