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I am a horrible blog poster....( ̄□ ̄;)

So, I haven't posted in...forever? ^^;; In my defense I am a huge procrastinator I have had a lot of work to do for school. XDDD; That is true though. And more work is up for this weekend. I have to do math homework (a lot of it because, as I striked out above, I am a huge procrastinator) and the final and biggest essay for my English class. Yeah. This weekend is not going to be fun.

But I have had a lot of good things happen the last few days! XDD

1.) I found out MUCC and D'espairsRay are going to be joining the Taste of Chaos tour for '08. =D While I know little to nothing about either band I do know that jrock is gaining popularity over here in the US and I must support it! \(゜□゜)/ <-Crazy face I stole from Nao-kun's blog. XDD So, I will probably be going to a Taste of Chaos show. Ok, yeah, 'probably' should probably be changed to 'definitely'. ^^

2.) My sister got me my Christmas present! Whoo! Why whoo, you ask? Because it is jewelry...and I like jewelry. :D

3.) I bought a betta fish!!!!! *squeeness* He (I have no clue of its gender but I wanted it to be a boy =D) is a beautiful pale pink/peach color with maroon/red accents. I got him because Skye-chan and I were both talking about how we missed our last betta fish, Milton. ;_; I murdered him with a small rock that he choked to death on. I am worse than Wataru! I choked a fish! (lol I am so lame bringing up old jrock jokes. XD)

It took Skye-chan and I forever to come up with a name. She wanted Loki...I said it was "too manly for such an effeminate fish". I liked Gregory but Skye-chan insisted on nick-naming the fish House (Gregory House is the name of the main character on House M.D.) We then decided on Reita because neither one of us hated it. That lasted until my mother got home and we introduced the betta fish to her. I then told Skye-chan I didn't like the name...It just didn't fit. She thought for a moment, then asked what I thought of PuddleJumper? I have to give everyone and everything a nickname so I thought for a second and boom, PJ became my nickname for our new betta fish, PuddleJumper! XDD

By the way, PuddleJumper is the name of a type of spacecraft from the show Stargate: Atlantis. You can see one in the icon I am using. The icon says Gateship because one person wanted to name them that but was vetoed by the person who named them PuddleJumpers. ^^

And that is the good stuff that has happened lately! ^_^ School is almost over for me. One more week of classes and then 3 days, for me, of final exams. Not going to be fun. o.o But at least this semester is almost over.

....Well, now I am going to go check my friends page. =D Ja!
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