Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,


Grades were finally posted and I made a 106 on my history exam! Answering all but one of the bonus questions definitely paid off! XDD

*Kiki does dance of happiness*

My hair is still purple to those of you that are curious...But I am dying it pink tonight! (It is past midnight where I live so that technically makes it Monday. =D) I will probably take a pic, crop it (Cause I am a-scared of teh stalkers. D:), and then make an icon of it like I did with my purple hair. =) That way everyone can see how odd it comes out! XD lol I am not going to bleach my hair so the pink is going over purple hair, faded purple hair, and the light brown that is my original hair color. o.o It is a good thing I like my hair to look strange.

And now I need to go to bed because A.) It is really late and I have to go to class in the morning and B.) I am actually tired. Shocking, I know. XP

Bye for now, flist-san! (Sorry. I am now addicted to alice nine's blogs thanks to tearsxinxflames [Seriously, thank you for that. XDD] and Nao-kun uses honorifics like any standard Japanese person but his are just too cute and he makes me want to use them. ^^ That has got me some weird looks from the friends whose names I do not add honorifics to. XD Also? Tora? WhereTF are you??!!)

P.S. I said I was tired so if nothing in this post made since I am sorry and I promise I will be suitably ashamed when I re-read it tomorrow when I am not half-conscious. :3
Tags: a9, college, real life
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