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I am still alive!

I made it through my exams intact! XD

A big thank you to anguisel for wishing me luck! *hugs* And my head did end up feeling better, by the way. =)

So, test results. I made an A on my computer test. XDD Yay! I do not know my history test grade, yet. Hopefully, I will know by Monday. =/ But I think the lowest grade I could have possibly made was a low B. I am trying not to hope that I made an A so I won't be disappointed if I make a B. ^^

And since I felt so good after my exams I went and bought pink hair dye to celebrate! =^_^= I want to dye my hair tonight but I am not sure if I want to keep my purple hair a little longer or not. Oh, the decisions. ^^; lol

Hope everyone had a decent day! :D *goes off to check f-list*
Tags: college, real life
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