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I'm bored, so...yeah...

I'm bored and my LJ doesn't have that many posts so I figured I'll go ahead and put something here. ^_^ And since my cat, Sunshine has been demanding attention this morning I thought she'd enjoy having some pics of her put up. XD And, of course, to be fair I'm putting up pics of Sassin, too! ^_^

Oh, and WARNING! Sassin is my snake and one of the pics is of him constricting his food. I.E. Killing little mice. If this offends you don't look

Sshhh..Sunshine is sleeping. ^_^

And here she is stretched out while napping...

She was trying to hide from the noise we were making when we moved into the new house. lol

And now for Sassin! =^_^=

My little Sassin had just ate his first full grown rat. =( His poor tummy was so stretched.

Here he is, suffocating his lunch. XP

He wrapped himself around the twists in my iron bed because he was trying to get to his heat lamp...which I left on. -_-;

And that's it. I have to go and clean the kitchen now...(Ugh) ja ne!

<33 Kiki
Tags: boredom, pics, sassin, sunshine
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