Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Too tired to think of a subect line...>.>

So, I'm posting when I should be sleeping. Standard occurrence. =)

I've got two exams tomorrow. One is for my computer class, which I feel fairly confident on. I am slightly nervous because it deals with formulas and my brain hasn't felt active at all today so my studying was basically skimming over a few things in my book. ._. But I think I'll make a decent grade.

Then I have a history exam. o.o I am petrified. I made a C for some essay questions a few weeks ago and I need an A on this exam (and the rest of them) to get my grade up from a B to an A. I want that A, damn it. I want my first semester of college after all the shit I've gone through in my life to be as goddess-damned perfect as I can make it! >_< *deep breath* Whoo. School is such a stresser. XP

I haven't studied much today (brain hasn't felt right, remember?) but I have a few hours tomorrow before class to do it. I am hoping it sticks and I manage to do ok. I am kind of worried because we are being tested on the chapters involving the Roman empire. -_-; They just had to make it huge, complex and detail oriented, didn't they?

Wish me luck, my lovely friends list. =D

Now, I am off to go lay in my bed and either watch television or put on some music and try to fall asleep. Ja! :3
Tags: college, real life
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