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Favorite Icons Meme

Comment and I'll pick seven of your userpics, and then you will explain why you love/are using the icon (who doesn't love talking about their icons, seriously) and then post your explanation/this meme in your journal for other people to squee about their userpics, and basically it will be a huge squeefest of love and 100x100 square pixels.

*Kiki's Note: I kind of edited two uses of 'icons' to 'userpics' because I was vaguely confused about whether it meant icons made by me or just icons I'm using for userpics. =) I found out it was for userpics. ^^;;

These were picked by xskye_chanx

This pic of Kaoru and Toshiya playing in the snow trying to look cool is one of my favorites! XD And the text pretty much sums up what I thought when I first saw the pic. XP (Made by the talented hillsoffire)

This icon is for when I:
A) Post an update in my LJ where I'm talking about how stupid I've been
B) Replying to a comment someone left telling me about how stupid I've been
^__^ (Made by shoegal_icons)

I love kawaii stuff like this. I like little Japanese character stationary, mugs, purses, etc. I own nothing of the sort but I love it none the less. XDD And since I do not own anything kawaii, I should at least be able to have an kawaii icon, right? ^^ (Made by tofumilk)

Fred and George Weasley are two of my favorite characters from the Harry Potter series so I had to have an icon of them. ^^ Plus, I do love this scene in the movie. I like any scene where Gred and Forge are causing trouble. XP (Made by rlf_icons)

I like the anime Naruto so I had to have at least one icon from it. I like this one because it doesn't seem harsh and I can use it when teasing my LJ friends when they are being silly. ^_^ (Made by temaicons)

I love flower icons. ^__^ This one I find just gorgeous. The contrast of pretty daisies and the black mask/grungey texture make the icon just pop, in my opinion. (Another one made by the talented hillsoffire)

Severus Snape is another favorite character of mine from Harry Potter. And I do so enjoy it when he slaps people. =D (Made by rlf_icons)

Remember, comment and I'll pick seven of your userpics for you to explain! =3
Tags: meme
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