Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

And I finally make a post...

Well, it has been forever since I've posted. -_-; I feel bad about that. *le sigh*

I have had time to post this weekend. Last weekend and last week were horrible, though and I barely had time to take a breath to deal with my stress. I had to write a paper for English and answer two essay questions for History. I put off "big" assignments until the weekend because it is impossible for me to do a project in parts. I just can not do it. I have tried before and I spend every moment thinking of the part I have done and the rest I have to do and then I stress and stress to the point where I am in tears and I have to go somewhere else. Either to the attic or outside.

I managed to get through my mini-essays for History with minimal fuss. I got frustrated and pulled on my hair a bit but other than that no big freak out. The same cannot be said about my English essay. ._. I panicked, had a freak out, cried, worried my sister, and made my mother mad because she apparently took my avoiding eye contact and locking myself in my room as me being a bitch. When in reality I didn't want or have the time for her questioning me about my crying. *shrugs* But I made it through, took the rough draft to class, got it reviewed by a class mate, and through the thing in my notebook until Friday when I finally made a few small changes. The thing is done and I turn it in on Tuesday. We'll see what I get on it. It's about how anime gained popularity in America. XP hehe It helped me figure out that my teacher likes anime and actually owned Cowboy Bebop. So cool. XD

I didn't submit many icons for contests last week but this week I was inspired. ^_^ I felt good about submitting so yay for me. I have quite a few icons (all made for icontests) on my laptop ready to be posted on g_b_icons. I was too lazy to do it this weekend though. *grumbles* I am going to try to do it this week instead of waiting until next weekend. *determined* I have no clue why I want to do this except for maybe my wanting to do something that is not school related during the week. =/

We got a new computer. A desktop one with a PC and everything! *laughs at self* It is new and beautiful and I adore it. I will probably name it soon because I am completely insane like that.

My stepfather is not good with computers. *rolls eyes* The man has a million misconceptions. Like, computers only lasting 8 years. A computer will last a very long time as long as you take care of it. Granted with technological advances happening all the time, your computer may become obsolete in 8 years but it still should work just fine for basic uses. I know a woman with a probably mid-1990s computer. She has a new kick ass PC, though...but the moniter and everything else work fine. *shrugs* Stepfather is anal though, so Kiki shall appease him by bowing to his crazy.

Like, for instance, him saying to read the manual and run the monthly and bi-weekly virus detecting and clean up programs. I will do that for him...mainly because if I don't he will and I so do not trust him messing about in the new computer. He also says we are not allowed to download from the internet because then viruses will get into the computer, it will get sick, and then we will have to take the computer out back and shoot it. -_-; I disregarded this rule to download Mozilla Firefox though. =D I cannot stand IE so there was no way I was using I went and got my Firefox, stepfather be damned. What's really funny? I don't think he even realizes Firefox is on the computer. XDD

And there is other stuff I could ramble about but I won't...At least not until the next post. XP Right now I'm going to go look over my text book for Computer class tomorrow. >.> I kind of should have been doing it a little while ago and not when it was 11:30 at night. ^^; Until next time!
Tags: college, family, real life
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