Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Well, damn...

I have the most horrible luck. I really do. -_-

First: I get to go on vacation (Saturday through Wednesday); I should be full of yay, only I'm not.

I will be missing my first History exam which isn't so bad because I can make it up. Problem? I have to make it up outside of normal class hours. Which means, the Wednesday I get back from vacation, I will go to History class and then I will spend the hour after that doing my exam. ._. *sigh*

I will be missing my math class on Tuesday. No tests being done or reviews, just a standard class. Problem? The teacher will be going over some things I currently have problems with and I was looking forward to having them explained by someone who actually knew how to do math. *frustrated sigh*

BUT I had decided to not let these things effect me. I was going to enjoy me vacation. So what if I have to take my test after class? So what if I have to get the teacher to explain a few things to me during review day in class? I get 3 total and 2 partial days at the beach. No worries, just shopping, exploring and relaxing. Right?

Second: Wrong. I am sick. I thought it was my allergies that had been bothering me throughout the week, but apparently it was a nasty little cold bug getting friendly with my body.

o.o That just kind of grossed me out. Anyway.

I am sniffling (my box of tissues is sitting beside my laptop), I have a headache, and I feel tired and just want to lay down with my blanket. D:

I've taken cold medicine and have made my tea. I still feel sad because I am going to go to the beach sick, though. I hope I'll be able to keep the cold at bay with a lot of cold medicine and drinking a lot of fluids and manage to have a good time at the beach. If I end up sick and in bed at the hotel with no internet, I will go insane. I'm sure of it.

For now, I'm going to stay determined (see mood *wink*) and just look forward to being at the beach. And I make this vow! If I do feel horrible at the beach, I will still get myself out of bed and do something fun. I don't care if I'm dying while I do it, I will be doing something. *nods decisively* Yosh!

I am now going to go snuggle with my blanket. :3 I hope everyone has a great weekend. ^^

P.S. If this all sounded really insane let's just blame it on the cold, ok?
Tags: real life, sick
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