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...I have found Kaoru's doppelgänger...o.o

Ok, so there is pretty much one reason for this post.

There is a Kaoru (of Dir en grey) look-a-like at my school.


*freaks out*

*deep breath*

When I am in my English Comp. class he is in whatever class takes place across the hall. I see him walk down the hallway every day.

I have named him Kaoru-dude.

.........Ok, yeah. Not a great name. But holy crap he so freaking looks like Kaoru! ^________^

He has Kaoru's hair, his chin pubes goatee, his eyes, and his bone structure! *flails*

I've been squeeing over him to my sister (I noticed him the first time last week), and today in the car (my mom had a doctor's appointment and my sister went with her, so they dropped me off and picked me up from school) I tell my sister what happened today. Which was, Kaoru-dude walked down the hall and pushed his hair out of his face and looked all cool and bad ass.

Just. Like. Freaking. Kaoru.

While telling my sister this, she looks out the window and says, "Is that him?!" I look and it is him. o.o

I freak out. My sister freaks out. My mom tells us to shut up because she is on the phone.

It was great. *sighs happily*

After she ended her conversation, my mom asks us, and I quote (because it is too funny):

"So, what's going on with this Kao-dude?"

XD For some reason, this amused me greatly. I ended up just telling her he was in the class across from mine and that he looked like Kaoru from Dir en grey. She knows about Dir en grey and she could actually probably identify Kyo but she isn't really into the band or anything. She's not like some parents who get interested in the things their kids talk about obsessively. Like all the parents who are fans of anime? ^^

But she nodded and said cool. I give my mother much credit for not being freaked out. Especially, since I told my sister I really wanted to lick Kaoru-dude. XD;; It's not really my fault though! It's not like I'm ever going to get close enough to lick the real Kaoru! You work with what you have, people.

And I am going to end this before it gets any more uncomfortable. >.>
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