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School, icons, and awesome new hair that lyke totally pwns. XP

No school tomorrow! ^___^ Yes.

But not-so-yes, as well. I have got work to complete. =/ Specifically, a few math assignments, the final draft of an English essay, and much reading to be done.

I expect I'll do the math tomorrow and probably the final draft just so I can get it out of the way. I've got to go find a computer lab somewhere on campus on Monday to print it though. >_< I hate not having a working printer.

I'm too tired to make icons. I suppose I'll do them tomorrow morning or sometime in the afternoon for some very last minute submissions. ^^;

Oh, there was one more thing. I have purple hair. XDDD I got it done today! ^_^v My aunt, who does my hair and is an incredibly awesome woman, had ordered a whole tube of purple hair dye for me. But it wasn't enough for my hair. o.o So, she used some Manic Panic that she has on store for another customer that likes to have a purple streak put in her hair. This customer is 40. ._. When she told me that all I could think was "That will end up being me. I just know it." XP

My icon is of my hair. :3 I don't feel comfortable posting full pictures of my self on the internet. >.> Stalkers can find things in your pictures than can lead them to you. None of my pictures should give my location away, but I can't help but be paranoid wary. ^^;

I am going to go watch some PVs. *shrugs* Maybe an icon idea will smack me in the head. =D
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