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I shouldn't hate my family...I really, really shouldn't. -_-

It's Saturday. The day of, usual, "yay" for me. Usual being the key word in that sentence. -_-

My grandparents are coming down to visit this weekend. They called on Thursday telling us they'd get here sometime Saturday night. And? We have no clue when they are leaving. Deadpan smiley face again -> -_-

These are the..not-so-great grandparents. >.> I have 3 sets of grandparents. Well, technically 2 sets and one recently divorced Grandmother. She's my favorite. ^^ And her ex-husband was an ass and I'm glad he's gone. But then I'm not because my Grandmother is so sad. ;_;

Anyway back to the not-so-great grandparents...They are not fun and are very strict. I mean, we've seen them once a year in the winter since I was little. Why would you be strict with grandchildren you see once a year? o.o That makes no sense to me. *shakes head*

They aren't really a lot of fun...and we have nothing in common. lol ^^; As opposed to what I have in common with my favorite Grandmother which is shopping. =) But I feel comfortable enough to actually talk to my Grandmother about stuff. Like, my friends, my interests or music. She likes stuff she can dance around, too. When I was much younger she nearly broke her hip dancing to something electronic with my older brother. XDD The woman is insane and I love her for it. =D

With these grandparents I am expecting boredom and weird silences. *sigh* It makes me wish that I could go to school on Monday. Stupid labor day.

But! I have an escape plan! College!! *diabolical laughter* ^_^v I have Math work that needs to be done. It's not a lot but no one but me knows that little detail. *evil grin #1* I have history notes to recopy. Everyone knows I will need to get this done because of my chicken scratch hand writing. *evil grin #2* And wonders of all wonders, I have an essay that needs to get written! *evil grin #3* This one is actually going to end up giving me a headache because of the way my mind works. I just need to get the basics done and have a rough draft done by Monday. That's my goal anyway. The draft isn't actually due until Thursday but I'd prefer to get it done and then review it on Wednesday and maybe do a second draft.

So, basically, I can sneak away to my room or even choose to stay home if everyone opts to go out. ^_^ I love being devious. It comes in handy.

*looks at clock* Ack. I need to go get in the shower and get dressed so I can help grocery shop when my mom gets home. Wish me luck dealing with the family!
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