Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Jrock Meme!

Stoled from scwolf_10k! ^___^

Bold all that apply! XD

-You hear the names "Kai" and "Kyo" and smirk, but not because they're your favourite characters in Beyblade and Fruits Basket (respectively) anymore.

-You wish you could find a special place for your concert DVDs, which isn't because it would be more tidy (as you tell people), but more because of the secret thought that Jrock godliness shouldn't mix with "commoner" movie DVDs.

-You flip through every new issue of rock magazines for signs of a Jrock band, even though 90% of people in the country have no knowledge of its existence.

-You know enough Jrockers to "get them confused" occasionally.

-SID is no longer a name but a band.

-Everytime someone uses the word "die" in a sentence, you whip your head around and pretend to search for signs of the redhead rockstar. 'Cept he is blonde now. ^^

-The word "doll" makes you think of a band in UNDER CODE productions.

-You know what UNDER CODE productions is.

-You know who it's run by, and you hate him even though you don't really know what's with all the Kisaki hate.

-You have referred to Mana as "manly" at one point.

-You know the difference between hide and Hyde.

-You find yourself accidentally saying things like "ne?" and other random Japanese inserts. Damn, 'ttebayo. -_-; lmao

-You nod when your favourite Jrocker is talking as though you can understand him, when you actually can't.

-The sight of a man's thigh is a "been there-done that" situation.

-Your ears are alerted when you find out there's a program about Japan on TV, hoping the topic will turn to rock.

-Whilst watching said program, you stare insanely at all the Tokyo buildings for a poster of someone like Miyavi.

-You have said at one point "I want the dress he's wearing."

-You're not surprised when men lean on each other.

-You know that Ruki loves guitars more than he loves women.

-Yesasia and CDJapan are bookmarked on your browser.

-You've been asked one, or all of these questions: "Are those really men?" "Are you a lesbian or something?" "Are they all gay?" By every single person I have tried to convert to loving jrock. I try not to giggle when they do. XDD

-You can name about 4 people who resemble Miyavi.

-When asked for a random number, the first you think of is probably "12012" or "304" or maybe "621 (VI II I)."

-Various Jrockers randomly appear in your dreams at night.

-You remember the birthdays of Jrockers with ease but forget those of your family members.

-You can take one look at a picture of a band and automatically tell which era, which song, and which concert it is from. (e.g. Cassis outfits from NLSG tour final @ Budokan) I'm not so great with the concert part, though.

-You want to make toast for everyone even though you hate cooking.

-You're estatic to find out that you have one dimple, just like Kai (because before you knew about The GazettE, you didn't even care about dimples at all, and now you're obsessed with them), then become depressed when your dimple is not on the left side of your face but on the right side instead.

-You wear a bandana over your nose for your Japanese project even though people don't really get it, or how it fits into your project. I would so do this. Japanese project or not! XD

-You wish your boobs were much smaller so you could fit them into Aoi's white SHADOW VI II I outfit.

-"Aoi" is no longer the Japanese word for the color blue.

-You cannot remember why you thought big, muscular men were so hot in the first place.

-You think men DO get hotter with age. (HYDE, Gackt, BUCK-TICK, Dir en grey, etc)

-You can tell when Aoi or Uruha is playing a guitar solo - even without the aid of headphones (because everyone knows Uruha's comes through the right side and Aoi's through the left) - and your friends think it sounds the same, and wonder why it even matters in the first place. But it does, it really does.

-You feel like a hairy, chunky, not-so-attractive, manly girl when you look at Uruha, but then forgive him when he smiles at you. o.o This meme can read my soul.

-You hope you can be reborn in your next life as a guitar or bass *faints*

-You feel the need to censor the word "kawaii" or "cute" for fear that a certain someone thinks it's directed at him. I am horribly guilty of this. Only I don't sensor, I switch. I changed the meaning of "scary" to "cute". hehe Kyo won't ever know. *sneaky grin*

-"Visual kei" is basically part of your daily vocabulary.

-You know that if Mana and Gackt were in a room together, there would be trouble.

-You know that if Kaoru and Kisaki were in a room together, there would be trouble.

-You listen to a song and pinpoint parts of the song because of things that happened in the PV.

-If people mention vampires you think of either Gackt, Asagi or maybe Hyde.

-Pink = spider

-Grey = Dir en

-If you saw a newspaper called "The ______ Gazette" you'd be tempted to buy it, cut out the "The" and "Gazette" part and put them on your wall.

-If you see the book "Lolita" lying around in a library or shop, the words that flash to mind are "gothic" "Mana" and "Moi meme Moitie".

-When you dance, it's either the Machiavellism spin-and-point, the Happy Left Right Dance or the Kyo/Ruki-bot.

-If you're tall, you wish you were shorter just in case you run into Kyo, Ruki etc. and make them feel stupid.

-When people mention S&M, your mind immediately goes to Cage, raison d'etre and so on. And also fun. My mind definitely goes to fun. *grin*

-You're constantly thinking "the poor drummer." Why don't the photographers try harder for pictures?!?! WHY?! *sob*

-You want to get drunk and yell "I'm a fucking rockstar, bitch!"

-You spend an awful lot of time going back to the question "what does "cheesed with power" mean?"
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