Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Updating cause I can!

So, as school is now a big part of my life, we will start there.

Computer class was productive today. I didn't have a disk I needed for class but all the assignments for the semester are open so I did one of them. ^^ I feel proud of myself. I am hoping that in the next class I will be able to get another one done early, as well.

History was intellectually stimulating, as usual. XD I love it. Today, we got into a discussion about religion. Which, of course, is going to come up in a history class. Especially a Western Civilization class. Can any one say the beginnings of the upsurge of Christianity? Well, that's pretty much what our discussion in class was about. One girl had some questions about the bible that the teacher couldn't answer. That the teacher said historians couldn't figure out. I, being the idiot that I am, cannot remember what the girl asked. >_< It was great though. The teacher got really flushed. She is protestant but I don't know how religious she is. Either she got flushed because she is religious and it upset her that her religion has that kind of gapping hole, or she was uncomfortable for the rest of the class. You can assume in America that whoever you are standing near, talking to, or looking at is Christian. *shrugs* You'll be wrong in a good many cases, sure. But most of the time you'd be right. So, therefore the teacher could have been worried about all out war started in her class. Or that someone would be offended or something.

[EDIT: I remember what the girl asked!! ^^v She asked "if the flood in the bible really did happen, then that would mean everyone today would be related to Noah, right?". The teacher replied that that is what some people believe. The girl then asked how, if we all are related to him, does that explain all of our different skin colors and races. To which the teacher replied, I don't know. =D And there you go! Yay to me for actually remembering, that! hehe]

I like the teacher, though, so I did feel bad that she got all flushed. But she recovered and the class was really animated today and I think that made her happy. =) She kept telling us to talk and feel free to discuss things. I didn't talk. I'm a social worm, if you will. In school, anyway. I'm pretty nice and talkative in other areas. -_- *frustrated sigh* Damn my stupid insecurities and worries involving school.

I was on the internet a good bit, today. =D Last week I abandoned it for school stuff but now that classes and the rules are understood I have relaxed a little bit. I downloaded Kiyoharu's Tattoo PV. Which I first saw through nightand_day's LJ, I believe. =) I love his hat. ^__^

And now I am going to force myself off of the internet and go lay down and try to get tired so I can get up in the morning.

Tags: college, real life
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