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*sigh of relief*

I made it through my first week of college. Yes.

I dropped Chem 100 because the prerequisite (what I needed to have completed before beginning the class) was Math 101 which I was just entering into this semester. (Thank you stupid advisor. *rolls eyes*) The instructor gave me the option to stay but said it would be hard work. And just going into college I decided to wait and just handle the basic stress of exams and assignments. =)

So, no Chem 100 until next semester. Now, I'm in Intro to Computers. So far it's been ok. I had no clue what a flash drive was though. ._. I felt stupid. But I learned how to use it really quikly and was proud of myself. lol I keep trying to remind myself of positive things that are happening in daily life. Today it was, "You didn't hit the bumper of the car that was parked, horribly, in front of you. Be proud!" XD

Western Civ is my favorite class. =D I love history though, so I knew that class was going to keep my interest. English Comp. is pretty decent, too. The teacher is great and I've always done well with English and grammar...the only problem is that I'm nervous I'm going to do poorly. *sigh* I'm more stressed over English than I am over Math and that is just freaking me out. I need to take a psychology class and see if I can figure out what is wrong with me. XP lol

Math is going good, as well. The teacher is interesting and kind. I'm keeping up and am understanding everything so far. Hopefully, that will still be said at the end of the semester.

Hmm. Ah! My schedule. Mondays and Wednesdays I have a 9:30 class, get home at 11, get to my second class by 2 pm and then go home for the day. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have another 9:30 class, another class right after that one and then I'm home by 1:00 and I'm done for the day. =) Or in the case of Thursday, I'm done until Monday. Well, except for having to do homework, rewrite notes, and read textbooks.

All in all, college isn't bad at all. Not nearly as bad as I was fearing. ^^

And I should have enough time to enter icon contest submissions. XD If I do some tonight and some tomorrow morning I should be good. I'm also really pleased at the amount of submissions jmusic_abc got this week. I honestly expected way less due to school restarting this month.

And I'm going to treat myself to some soda as I have earned it! =^_^= I hope all of you are having a great, or at least not horrible, week! =D
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