Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

New Icon Community! XDD

g_b_icons g_b_icons g_b_icons g_b_icons

I made it a few days ago but I spent a good bit of time hunting down a nice layout (It ended up being a Yuana from Kagerou one. ^^), figuring out rules, and transferring icon posts from here.

I decided to make a community for my icons because I know people have friended me for my icons and they probably don't want to deal with all my real life posts while waiting for the icon posts. ^^;

So, now I have a comm just for my icons and you won't have to deal with me babbling on! Much. XD

Of course, if you enjoy my rabblings you are welcome to keep me as a friend. =D

So, join (or watch or whatever) and enjoy the icons as I'm not going to be posting them here, anymore!

g_b_icons g_b_icons g_b_icons g_b_icons
Tags: pimping
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