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If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

...Or maybe off the Earth with it's stupid global warming. ._.

If you couldn't decipher my witty subject lines, we are having a heat wave in the area in which I reside. -_-;

It got so hot in the house yesterday that Skye and I had to go sit and hangout in our parent's bedroom as that is the coolest room in the house. =/ And then when Mom and Stepdad got home they pulled out a huge chunk of ice that my mother made by putting water in a huge emptied and cleaned ice cream bucket thing. Um, it's like a huge gallon tub of ice cream that you can buy at the grocery store. ^^;; I cannot explain things at all. lol

Anyway, they put the ice chunk on a grill rack over a pot and then put that in front of a fan to cool down the living room. It did help but Skye and I left to go get ice cream from the grocery store so the family would be prepared for the upcoming heat today. XDD

I'm really hoping we don't have a black out. o.o Mom is saying it will probably happen though, because everyone is using their air conditioning and the power plant can't keep up with the drain. So, everyone went over the rules of what to do if the power goes out.

'No opening the freezer in the garage, at all.'
'When getting something out of the refrigerator, get it out fast.'
'When getting out multiple items, figure out exactly where they are, get them out, and shut the door, quickly.'
'Charge the portable dvd player.'
'No frivolous use of the laptops.' (We use them to play dvds when the power goes out. ^^)

And those are the basics for power outages in our lovely home. =) At least for summer. In the winter things are changed up a bit. ^^

The other day, I reorganized all of my LiveJournal memories a little more..what's the word? Oh, yes. Coherently. -_- I am a complete and total neat freak so the task was fun if a little tedious. Although, thanks to the handy FAQ that the evil, mean, fandom hating LJ owners put together, I now know how to delete multiple memories under the same tag. =D

I also fixed a plushie/pillow of mine that I've been meaning to do for months. My sewing skills suck so the slight tear is fixed but horribly ugly. =/ But now I can snuggle with Maru-chan again without having little beads leak out of him! XD

I've made all my icons for upcoming icon contests. I can't help but think I might not have time to do all of them anymore. ._. That makes me sad because competing has helped me improve so much. I know I'll be able to find the time to do at least a few but I may have to switch up every week to be fair. ^^ But who knows? Maybe I'll have time to do them all. Not likely but I can dream, hmm? :3
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