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Partially Locked

My journal is semi-locked because I tend to lock the entries that discuss my personal life.

I will add anyone who asks me to. :) If you do not ask, then you will not get added back.

Commenting is partially a big deal. I rarely do "friend cuts" but I do go through my profile occasionally and clean up. You do not have to comment all the time. BUT if you have friended me and never commented on my posts, then I am going to remove you. If you have commented at least once and tried to get to know me then you have nothing to worry about. :)

If you are looking for my graphics, they are posted at g_b_icons.

the GazettE :: Reita & Group Live Pics

Here is the last post! Better late than never, right? XDD; I was enjoying my break a little too much someone help me stop buying things! O.O;. >.>;

Here is Reita and a few group pics! <3

Ruki Pics!Collapse )

the GazettE :: Aoi & Uruha Live Pics

Here are the Aoi and Uruha pics! I did a joint post so you guys would have more pictures AND because I ended up having one picture of Aoi and Uruha together! <3

There are 23 images total so it may take a little while to load. :)

Aoi & Uruha Pics!Collapse )

the GazettE :: Ruki Live Pics

Ruki for my Doccy! <3 I will post other band members soon! (Aoi will be next because he was requested! ^^)

Ruki Pics!Collapse )

the GazettE :: Kai Live Pics

This post is mainly for kai_kaina (Sorry that it is so late!) but other fans of the GazettE and Kai are welcome to enjoy it too! :D

I have a small break from uni before my summer classes start, thank goodness. So, hopefully, I will be posting more Live pics (and just more in general ^^;;) in the next week and a half. :P

Kai Pics!Collapse )

the Gazette pics

I really should update this journal about real life stuff going on but I really do not have a lot of stuff to talk about right now. Just uni and being busy. D: Not very interesting. Hopefully I will find something good to talk about soon. I miss you all, though! <3

Anyway, this post is mostly for the people who have friended me from my posts at rllysrsphotos. :) Hope you guys enjoy!


Some illegalness pics, maybe? ;DCollapse )

Christmas is over...

...and it is time to countdown to the New Year. :P

This year's Christmas was great! I had fun with the family and got a lot of money and presents! :P

My mom ended up getting me a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff because she found it on sale. The cat has stolen my Jack Skellington fleece blanket, though. ;) She also got me a purple sweater that I love and some fantastic jewelry. I also got a lot of DVDs as well as some cute pencils and other little things for uni.

Skye got me a beautiful wooden box and an organizer - which I need! I got her some baking stuff and so did mom. :D She also got two DS games, some plushies, and DVDs.

I got some nice things from my stepfather's side of the family this year, too. A new nightshirt (it has cats wearing scarves on it! Scarves! <3), some notepads, and a really cute Christmas stocking. They also gave Skye and I $100 each.

I got a lot of really nice things this year and had a blast with my family. :) I hope those of you who celebrated Christmas had just as great a time. <3

'Tis the Season!

...to spend hours in the kitchen cooking with my mom and Skye while goofing around and ordering each other about. :P

We made brownies, pretzel bark (pretzels crushed up, covered in chocolate, walnuts, and m&ms, and flattened out and broken into "bark"), holiday cracker dip, AND dinner for tonight. All of that plus casseroles in the morning for the afternoon's Christmas dinner.

I am going to gain 10 pounds tomorrow. XD *sigh* I love the holidays. :P

To those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope you enjoy tomorrow. To those of you that celebrate other holidays I hope you have or will enjoy them. And to those of you that do not celebrate at all I hope you are having a wonderful December! <3 I love you all!

Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays

LJ Promotion Thing-y

...Just edited this whole post cause I had it all wrong. XD;;

So, LJ's holiday promotion this year is $10 coupons.

It is not the best deal ever but I still sent out some coupons, anyway. :)

If you set up automatic payments you can get a year's paid account for $9.95 (after using the coupon for $10 off). Another option, if you do not want to set up automatic payments, is a decrease in the price of paid accounts. They will be $15 (after using the coupon) instead of $25.

These coupons do not work on renewing paid accounts, so if you do have a paid account I can not give you one. =/ BUT if you have a basic or plus account, and I have not already sent you a coupon (I sent out 4 of my 10), I will send you one if you want! :)

Finals are over!

I made it through my finals alive! XDD Go me! Of course, in trying to make it through all them I got completely distracted and stressed out. o.o I studied like crazy for everything and my economics final was...not so great. I like the teacher but not how he only has 3 tests for the semester (Test 1 = 25%, Test 2 = 25%, Final Exam = 50%). I wanted to die at the beginning of the semester when I first saw that. *sigh* I am pretty sure I passed the class but I do not know what my final grade will look like. =/

And that is all I will post about school in this entry! XDD

I took Skye with me to do some last minute Christmas shopping today. O.O It was completely insane. I did manage to buy gifts for two of my friends without dying in the process though. :) Now, I just have to get around to wrapping everything. :P

So, f-list, what are you guys planning to get for the holidays, present-wise? I've ordered some pencils and cute stationary as well as a few cute pins for myself. :D I got Skye a purse and a wallet...that she helped pick out. LOL!

I am off to find something to do to keep me from falling asleep too early. It has been a busy day. :P