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Making a picture post...With some other stuff.

Alright, I have no clue how many of you have been interested in my previous posts that have mentioned me posting some pics but I said I would so, I am. ^^

Here is a shot of the ceramic little frogs (+ one mushroom) in the small garden in my front yard.

Here is an old shot of my bedroom that I had on my computer. I would've taken a pic of it now only my digital camera is having some sort of seizure. O.o

This is the garden in my back yard. It's doing very well. ^^

This is my cell phone. =3 I took a pic of this (before the digital camera seizure. lol) mostly because of the new charm I got for it at Hot Topic. I love Invader Zim. =)

And this is an adorable pic of my cousin, Cassie-chan. She'll be turning 4 soon. That's a piece of her blanket around her neck. lol She better break the habit of needing that thing soon because it's falling apart. XD

I'm eating Manner wafers from Austria. lol I got them from a friend who had a few extra packs. It's a nice snack while watching Naruto. ^^

I'm a member of a lot of icontests. O.o I knew this a week ago. I knew this two days ago. But did that stop me from joining two more yesterday? Nope. I'm an addict. *nods* Icons have become my crack. XD

And speaking of icons...I need some Alice Nine ones. D= I don't know Alice Nine that well. From what I've heard of their music, seen of their band members, and heard of their band members, I do like them, though. I just need to do some more research. (I like to have documents of band bios on my lappie. ^^ Hello, world. Yes, I am strange.)

Well, I'm off to finish watching Naruto. And maybe actually make myself some dinner instead of munching on these wafers. =^_^=

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