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Finals are over!

I made it through my finals alive! XDD Go me! Of course, in trying to make it through all them I got completely distracted and stressed out. o.o I studied like crazy for everything and my economics final was...not so great. I like the teacher but not how he only has 3 tests for the semester (Test 1 = 25%, Test 2 = 25%, Final Exam = 50%). I wanted to die at the beginning of the semester when I first saw that. *sigh* I am pretty sure I passed the class but I do not know what my final grade will look like. =/

And that is all I will post about school in this entry! XDD

I took Skye with me to do some last minute Christmas shopping today. O.O It was completely insane. I did manage to buy gifts for two of my friends without dying in the process though. :) Now, I just have to get around to wrapping everything. :P

So, f-list, what are you guys planning to get for the holidays, present-wise? I've ordered some pencils and cute stationary as well as a few cute pins for myself. :D I got Skye a purse and a wallet...that she helped pick out. LOL!

I am off to find something to do to keep me from falling asleep too early. It has been a busy day. :P
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