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Tattoo Post! :DD


Alright, so to those of you that do not know, I have a lovely tradition that I do every year on (or around) my birthday. I do something masochistic and "long lasting" to my body! XD lol Did I freak anyone out or lose any friends? Cause that would be kind of cool. XDD; I get piercings, or more recently, tattoos. :) Since my birthday is on Monday (I will be 23! :D) I kind of need to make some decisions on what to get done. ^^;

This year I plan to get another tattoo (Yay! :D) and possibly get my lip re-pierced. I am not entirely sure on the lip piercing though because of Tiffy (the 8 month old little girl I look after). Those of you who have known/held/seen small children know that they have hands that love to grab things. o.o; I remember Tay grabbing at my lip ring, as well. But at that time she was older so if I told her 'no' or 'gentle' she would listen; an 8 month old cannot. -.-; So, I am a bit worried and am thinking of putting it off. But I want my lip ring back so...what to do. *sigh*

Offer advice on the above if you like, but now lets move on to the main event: helping me decide which tattoo I want to get! :D

So, due to the whole "wanting a career" thing, all my tattoos need to be in places that can be covered by clothing. :) Because of this, I keep focusing on my legs and feet as places for tattoos. I do believe I will end up with something like THIS some day. (Which I definitely would not mind! :D)

I was thinking of something on my left foot for this time, maybe. I have loved and been associated with butterflies since I was around 10 (goth_batafurai? ;D) so I was thinking of maybe something like THIS. Not too-too big and would not take forever for a tattoo artist to do.

I have also been considering getting something done on my hips. Like THIS. Only, maybe not stars; perhaps a large butterfly and then swirls and dots smiliar to the above picture. The only problem with this is that I have the ability to think ahead. XD; I want children, which means stretching, weight gain, and stretch marks. All of which may be hard or impossible to get rid of after future!baby is born. =/ I do not want to get a tattoo that will turn ugly/deformed.

*sigh* I think I am leaning towards getting something done on my left foot. Probably a butterfly, even though that is seen everywhere. ;) I like them, so whatever. It is just a bit difficult to decide but that is where all of you come in! :D

Give me advice, suggestions, agree with me, whatever you like! <3 ^__^
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