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I is alive! :DD

So, I am back from Florida! Of course. XP

And I have decided that I am going to try and join Heresy (the GazettE's fanclub)! XDD I swore to myself that I would never pay money for something that was completely in Japanese until I could speak, read, and write Japanese. I am reneging on this promise because I want to post those damn FC only pictures! >_< Yeah, okay. That is not exactly the best reason to join a fan club. *whines* But those mean elitists are sooo~ooo mean~!! But wait! I have other reasons! XD

1. I like the GazettE.
2. Membership cards are neat and make me feel special.
3. ...that's about it. 8D

Hehe~ Now, all I have to do is convert some USD to Yen at a bank, figure out if any of my local post offices carry International Reply Coupons (and if that falls through use a copy/paste of a small message in Japanese another fan sent to them when the fan did not have a Japanese stamp), and then possibly annoy one of the people on my f-list who knows Japanese if I cannot figure out the application form. 8D You guys love me, right?

And now I am going to go rummage around my f-page and possibly go find something to settle my stomach. I feel kind of nauseous. :(
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