Kiki (goth_batafurai) wrote,

Christmas Post! (^-^)/

The presents:

-Nintendo DS + Brainage 2
A necklace with a crown charm (Thank you, Skye-chan! <3)
A necklace with a heartshaped lock charm
A necklace with a Stargate charm
2 pair of earrings and a ring from my Grandmother

-Two journals
-Two boxes of cards (I like to have them on hand)
-Last 4 DVDs of Yu Yu Hakusho (Finally!)
-Asian snacks
Spicy shrimp chips, konpeito, cookies, drinks
-A Grumpy Bear plush! XDD (This was from my Stepdad's sister. The woman is incredible)

All in all, a lovely Christmas! <3 We visited the family and I survived. I did get a little grumpy two hours after we got to my stepdad's parent's house but I got a little happier after another two hours of being there. Hmm...Maybe I was going a little insane or something?

Huge highlight of my day: I texted nightand_day!! XDD lmao I don't really communicate with online friends in real time, so that was fun. :D

I still need to exchange presents with two friends and visit my dad. All that may be done on Thursday or Friday.

And to steal from wickedly_evil:


And if you don't celebrate then


And if you don't do that then

Have a nice day! XD
Tags: christmas, gifts, real life
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