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Reeeallllyyy quick post...

Skye-chan is going to read this tomorrow and kick my ass. >.>;

I am supposed to be asleep. No seriously. I have got to get up at 6:30 tomorrow to take care of a new born and a toddler. o.o I have babysat the toddler, Chibi-Tay, since before she was one year old. ^^ But this is the first time I will have to take care of both her and her new little sister. ._. Aaanndd I have my History final at 1:30 which means Skye-chan has to come with me and watch them while I am gone. She is a little scared...and so am I. o.o But I am sure she will do fine! (You can do it, Skye! X3 *cheers*)

Anyways, I made it through my English final today (Go me! XD) and I think I did...decently. =/ After I left the classroom I realized I wasn't so happy with my work. *le sigh* Oh, well. I know it was not 'F' or 'D' worthy so I know I am going to at least pass the class. =)

I probably won't have time to update tomorrow because I will be studying my math like crazy. But I may end up procrastinating just a little bit and telling everyone how my day was. ^^ If Skye does not take my laptop from me and then yell at me because I am not studying.

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